EURUSD: euro falling under pressure from the crosses

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EURUSD: euro falling under pressure from the crosses

Postoleh CarlosR » 09 Des 2017, 22:27

The pound fluctuated sharply over reports regarding the Irish border issue in the Brexit talks. The European Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources, Günther Oettinger, commented that significant progress has been made in the Brexit negotiations with regards to settling the so-called divorce bill. Reuters news agency, quoting an Irish official, reported that both sides are close to reaching a deal on the Irish border.

The dollar has held onto its gains against most of the majors. The number of jobless claims in the US has declined. US 10Y bond yields have risen from 2.32% to 2.367%.

The number of initial jobless claim in the US in the week ending the 1st of December came to 236,000 (forecast: 240,000, previous: 238,000).
In Asia, the pound has made gains against the dollar, while the euro has posted a decline. In fx basics While the EURUSD and GBPUSD pairs tend to move together, the EURGBP cross has caused a divergence here. The euro is moving towards 1.1745 as most of the euro crosses are trading in the red. The US dollar index, on the other hand, is trading up.

There’s no forecast in today’s review because the nonfarm payrolls report is set to come out in the US. This has a strong influence on currency markets so for me, it seems impossible to make a reasonable intraday forecast. We could see price movements of up to 150 pips.

Markets expect the US to post an increase of 190,000 new jobs outside the agricultural sector. In October, this figure reached 261,000. The unemployment rate remains at 4.1%. This report is an important one for the Federal Reserve as it is the last one of the year.

If the NFP report doesn’t induce a reversal, we can expect the euro to reach 1.1712 and then 1.1660. Once 1.1660 level is reached, the way to 1.1490 will be open.
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Re: EURUSD: euro falling under pressure from the crosses

Postoleh jiraiya » 19 Jan 2018, 11:10

ini baru postingan yang mantab dan gaul karena menggunakan bahasa inggris

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Re: EURUSD: euro falling under pressure from the crosses

Postoleh Narapdin » 20 Jun 2018, 04:17

Euro itu gak bakalan tersungkur ya. Ini nih mata uang paling stabil di dunia yg gak terpengaruh sama krisis atw ekonomi yg sedang gak stabil.

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